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Who we are

SFCM was born 4 years ago from the idea, matured by Engineer Filippo Salis, Geom. Nicola Salis and Arch. Denis Zaffaroni, to innovate the Construction Management sector through the expertise of technicians with great track records. Guiding our activities are those who, over time, have come into their own as cardinal principles:

  • Open Book: which is summarized as maximum transparency to our clients; a useful tool for the
    buyer in order to obtain constant cost control;
  • Speed: in the realization of our properties, ensuring
    adherence to delivery schedules;
  • Reliability and accuracy: through the constant presence
    and continuous monitoring of our SFCM team at all stages of the construction site;
  • Quality: during all phases of construction and in the handover
    final delivery of the property to the client.


Our services

Construction Management

Linearity, concreteness and proactivity

The service offered consists of total management of the construction process with due awareness of what are the requirements for a turnkey delivery. 

Qualified and experienced employees

He works with a team of excellence