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Quality management

Quality management

Through our quality management service, we ensure the quality of construction at all stages through the continuous monitoring carried out by our SFCM team whose goal is to ensure that all parts and materials used on the construction site comply with the design, safety standards and current regulations.

The objectives of Quality Management are:

  • Identify and resolve any discrepancies found during delivery;
  • Reduce or totally eliminate the interference of work activities by various enterprises;
  • Ensure compliance with regulations when selecting materials and products.

Why Construction Management is Important in Real Estate

  • It allows the customer to relate to one person who fulfills the role as the contact person for the entire job order.
  • It saves the client time and costs through prior analysis and management of documentation and permissions.
  • Ongoing advice on all aspects concerning the project.


Plant performance is verified by analyzing the various design steps: preliminary, final, and executive. Special attention is given to cost analysis to minimize unnecessary consumption.

Quality management to undertake its activity must have a set of certain data:

  • Customer goals;
  • Clarity about the implementation process;
  • Project specifications;
  • Budget costs;
  • Timing analysis.