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Construction Manager

Construction Manager

Construction Manager

The SFCM team is able to plan and monitor the entire construction process of a building, from design to execution and testing. The objectives of proper Construction Manager activities are to meet construction schedules, optimize construction costs, and safeguard the expected level of quality of the work.

The objectives of building management are:

  • Feasibility study and design;
  • Procurement management;
  • Construction;
  • Testing and final delivery.


Why rely on the construction manager

The figure of the Construct Manager within the SFCM Team allows for rapid analysis and intervention in organizing activities and managing the figures preparatory to the implementation of the intervention.

Through this service you are able to meet the highest degrees of quality, precision of execution, and adherence to schedule and cost.

What service does the construction manager offer?

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What is the economic impact of appointing a Construct Manager?

How is the Construct Manager's role and correspondence in FTE (Full Time Equivalent) structured at the time level?